My name is Morgan, and I’m exactly as the title of this page says, Anything But Perfect. On this blog, you’re more likely to see Pinterest fails than Pinterest pictures. Every once and a while, my whole family can clean up well enough to get a good picture or two, but we’re usually running wild and flying by the seat of our pants! I am the proud mama of a 2.5 (almost 3) year old little girl and am approaching my 5 year (!) wedding anniversary with my husband, Gary. You may notice we’re a little “fluffy,” we like to eat. You won’t see skinny, perfect mom, or super-buff dad, hell, you’ll be lucky to see a toddler without a stain on some part of her clothing! I’m sarcastic and a smart-ass, and yes, I will cuss from time-to-time because we’re Anything But Perfect!